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Our philosophy: Effectively utilize state of the art technology and develop long term relationships with Clients as well as Candidates in order to ensure success for both.

StaffQuest team members have extensive experience in the Corporate and Government sectors of industry at Managerial and "hands-on" levels and have a thorough understanding of its volatile characteristics. More than ever, today's marketplace demands speed and flexibility in the utilization of both temporary and permanent qualified technical talent and we have designed our system with this modern business paradigm in mind.

StaffQuest has effectively harnessed the latest technology to develop and implement a system architecture which allows us to quickly "snap shot" available talent throughout the country. With this initial data in hand, we then personally contact and technically screen our candidates BEFORE submitting them to our Clients.

Below are short descriptions of the services offered to clients of StaffQuest. Please contact us if you have questions.

Direct Hire

For clients who are seeking permanent employees, StaffQuest will work on a contingency basis to locate qualified individuals who are seeking permanent employment. We will screen candidates technically, ensure that the candidate is within the salary requirements indicated by the client, and thoroughly review the candidate's work history. When candidates are hired, StaffQuest will guarantee our candidates at 100% of fee for a period of 30 days. Our fee is based on a percentage of the hired candidate's first year annual salary.


A Contract agreement offers the client the option of contracting an individual for a period of time of one month or more. StaffQuest locates, screens, and submits candidates as in a Permanent arrangement. The candidate is on StaffQuest's payroll and therefore the client does not have FICA, Federal and State Unemployment insurance, Workers Comp, or other expenses of bringing an individual on board. This arrangement offers our clients the flexibility to staff up quickly for a project and then staff down quickly when the project is completed.


A Temp-to-Direct agreement allows the client to contract an individual for a period of time before hiring in order to be sure that a candidate is the right person for the job. As in a Contract situation, the candidate is on the payroll of StaffQuest and therefore the client does not have FICA, Federal and State Unemployment insurance, Workers Comp. or other expenses of bringing and individual on board. The fee for StaffQuest is worked into the hourly rate. After a period of six months, the contractor can go to client's payroll for no fee. Buyouts are written into the contract which allow the client to bring the contractor on board at anytime during the six month period.

Payroll Services

StaffQuest provides Payrolling services for clients who have current contractors they wish to place on our payroll. Many clients who need to shed the tax liability of 1099 contractors do so by placing them on StaffQuest's payroll. With this arrangement, StaffQuest accepts responsiblity for ensuring that FICA, Federal and State Unemployment insurance, Workers Comp. or other required taxes are paid for the contractor.

On-Site Recruiting Services

StaffQuest provides On-Site recruiting services for clients who would like to utilize our services on an hourly basis. There is no minimum contract length for these services. We can provide the following services at your site: Job Description Development, Job Advertisment Development, Resume Screening, Facilitation of phone and face-to-face Interviews.

Photo by Thomas Leuthard licensed under CC BY 2.0

Feel free to contact StaffQuest for further details:
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