Information for Candidates

Photo by Thomas Leuthard licensed under CC BY 2.0

About StaffQuest and You

The StaffQuest team has diverse recruiting and professional backgrounds. We value individuals who decide to work with us and try to make sure that positions presented to our candidates are positions that they will be motivated to accept. We realize that our candidates are our clients just as much as employers are our clients and treat them with respect regarding their time and availability.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with a group of professionals who can help us just as we help them.

We have a low pressure policy with regards to candidates. If a candidate decides not to pursue a position, then we will support his/her decision. We want long-term relationships with our candidates and want them to realize that if it doesn't work out this time, it's ok with us. We just want another shot on the next go round.

About Our Approach

StaffQuest seeks individuals with at least 1 year of professional experience. We seek people at all levels. StaffQuest has a reputation for excellence and therefore we require that individuals have a solid background and the ability to provide excellent references. We will check references as well as verify needed skills. When you work with StaffQuest, you will be part of our team. We feel it is in our best interest to provide you with opportunities that will further your career in the direction that you want it to go.

We will probably ask you about your current compensation package. It is in your best interest to be candid with us regarding this. A potential employer will find this out during the hiring process anyway. Having all the facts saves everyone, including you, a lot of time.

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  • Photo by Thomas Leuthard licensed under CC BY 2.0